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Privacy Policy - Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy relating to this Website and Our Apps

In providing you with an informative and safe experience while you use our online services, it is important that you understand all the terms and conditions that regulate your interaction with us whether or not you have registered with us or any of the services available from our online services.
Important Notice The various relationships arising between the User, the Doctor and TABEEBOMAN the term Doctor includes Clinics or other medical or related providers. TABEEBOMAN is not a provider of medical or diagnostic services.

TABEEBOMAN carries out the following functions:
• It facilitates Users by making available medical resource material and information relating to choices of a Doctor
• It makes available methods of communication with a Doctor and
• It hosts a communication suite to allow for enhanced communication and interaction between the User and a Doctor
• TABEEBOMAN is an independent provider of the Services
• does not belong to, nor is sponsored by healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, government entities, hospitals or private health centers.
• derives income from the sale of communication services, quality audit and consultancy, management and promotional activities.
• will use reasonable care in providing the textual description of the medical materials offered within the Services

You must not in relation to the Services or any part of them:
• copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit or alter any element of them;
• publish, display or represent any of them as yours or as belonging to anyone other than the rightful owner;
• conduct any other activity that could infringe any valid rights of TABEEBOMAN or other suppliers of products and/or services offered through them;
• extract the source code of them in whole or in part, including reverse engineering, translation, the creation of derivative versions or other activities developing or exploiting them;
• use their contents, including our or any associated trademarks as well as its software and source code, texts, photographs, graphics, reports, documentation, references, images and other audio-visual content

o for illegal purposes or
o for commercial purposes, or
o to breach the intellectual property of TABEEBOMAN or any third party (including any trademarks, brands, trade names or distinctive signs)

• use them for the collection of personal or professional information of any person other than you
• breach any law or regulation effective within the jurisdiction where you have registered with us or from where you are accessing them
If you or anyone acting on your behalf or as instructed by you breach the terms of this Section C or any other pertinent terms of the T&Cs then
• you, or such other persons as are appropriate, shall be responsible for any loss or damages directly incurred by TABEEBOMAN or any third party involved in providing the Services.
• TABEEBOMAN shall be entitled to immediately withdraw the Services from you or any other relevant person without notice.
You must not use any of the Services in a manner which may bring distress or harm to any party and in particular you should not use and form of aggressive or hateful speech or language.

The use of the Services is dependent on the accurate provision of data and information provided by the User. The User is solely responsible for the data entered by them into the Services and their access to TABEEBOMAN and to update any changes in circumstances or variation to User Information. Erroneous input from the User may produce inaccurate information being passed to the Doctor. You are ultimately responsible for the information you provide. You must use the Services or any part of them:
• Only by you and for your needs or the needs of your dependent minors
• following the instructions provided by the relevant Service
• In an honest and responsible fashion having reasonable regard to the implications of providing false data or information
• ensuring that you have the necessary and compliant computer tools and software to connect to the internet
• Accurately, with due care and taking proper care over access codes and passwords

The Relationships
If the User wishes to contact or engage with a Doctor, TABEEBOMAN maintains an online platform enabling the following activities ( TABEEBOMAN Platform): -
• the User to electronically make an initial and further appointments with the Doctor
• the Doctor and the User to communicate with each other through a messaging system
• the rendering of invoices by the Doctor to the User
• payment of invoices by the User to the Doctor

TABEEBOMAN is not a provider of medical or diagnostic services. Other than maintaining the TABEEBOMAN Platform, TABEEBOMAN has no input involvement or influence on interaction between the User and the Doctor. TABEEBOMAN does NOT share in any fee payable by the User to the Doctor.

Choosing medical advisers is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertising or advertisements within the Services. TABEEBOMAN is the name attributed to the provider of TABEEBOMAN and the Services and not a claim of superiority The information presented on TABEEBOMAN and the Services does not constitute medical advice, nor a referral medical service. TABEEBOMAN is not responsible for the conditions, limitations or fees arising when the User and the Doctor engage with each other. The User accepts and acknowledges that failure to comply with any term, circumstance or condition imposed by the Doctor may result in cancellation of the Doctor’s service.

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